Friday, July 25, 2014

Cinnamon and Nutmeg Banana Chips

Cinnamon and Nutmeg Banana Chips
My only concern with these chips is that I only made one tray of them. I could eat these little round bits of banana goodness all day (the carbs!).

-Organic Bananas (I used three large ones, next time I think I'll use at least 12.)
-(Optional) Lemon Juice (or other acidic juice)
-(Optional) Salt

1. Slice up your bananas. There are a couple ways to do this. You can cut them into rounds of varying thickness. The thinner the round, the crispier the chip. The thicker the round, the more leathery the chip. I wouldn't go much thicker than a quarter of an inch. The other way, which I also used on one banana, is to stick your finger right in the center of the top or bottom of the banana. It magically (seriously, try it) separates into three natural sections. Just make sure you have clean fingers =).
2. Toss your sliced 'nanners in a large bowl and toss with as much cinnamon and nutmeg as you so desire. I just did a light sprinkle of both to cover the top layer of the bowl (lightly). It came out just about perfect. Note: To avoid discoloration you can use a little bit of lemon juice. I didn't because I didn't have any lemon (or other acidic) juice on hand. I also didn't use any salt, but you could do that as well. Personal preference.
Sliced bananas tossed with cinnamon and nutmeg.
3. Lay your chips on an (optionally) lightly greased dehydrator tray. The banana chips will stick to the tray a little bit. I didn't grease my tray and didn't have a problem. Next time I might put a tiny bit of coconut oil on a paper towel and lightly rub it around the dehydrator tray before I put the bananas on it. I don't want to start a fire or anything with the oil, but honestly don't think a light coating will hurt anything.
Ready to dehydrate.
4. Let 'em dehydrate for several hours. Somewhere between 6-12 hours or so. Some articles even mentioned 24 hours. I would possibly let them go overnight for about 8 hours with a free day coming up so you can stay home and check on them every hour or two after that. I kept "testing" pieces to see how they were coming along. Mmmm....testing.... ;).
5. Once you think they're done, let them cool fully and then transfer them to an air-tight container. I used a little mason jar. According to they should last un-refrigerated for about 2 months. They will never last that long, I assure you. Try not eating these things. It's almost as bad as a full jar of honey. Which, oh dear goodness, is a serious test of moderation for me.
More please. I mixed these with some soaked/dehydrated almonds and walnuts as a work snack today. Didn't last long ;).


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