Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cauliflower "rice"

Cauliflower "rice"
Just in case you didn't know, this is a Cauliflower. I actually didn't know it had those green stalks underneath it (embarrassing).
The paleo diet doesn't include rice. Turning a Cauliflower into Cauliflower "rice" is easy and delicious. Here's how.

-Organic Cauliflower
-2 tablespoons Coconut Oil
-1/3 cup water ;)
-Salt and pepper

-Food processor of some kind, I used my Cuisinart. I love my Cuisinart.

1. Cut off the base of the Cauliflower and separate the florets (fancy word for the white things).
2. Break out your food processor (and in my case the shredding disc for it).
Shredding tool and stuff to be shredded =)
3. Shred up your Cauliflower into little rice sized pieces.
I had to clean out the Cuisinart mid-way. It was getting full and the Cauliflower was sticking to the sides.
4. Add the Coconut Oil to a pan, turn the heat up to medium (for me this means 5 on my electric range, right smack in the middle).
5. Let the Coconut Oil heat up a little bit, then add your Cauliflower "rice".
6. Wait a couple seconds and then evenly sprinkle the water around the pan (on top of the cauliflower).
7. Cover and let cook for 6 minutes or so.
Covered and cooking. I had second thoughts about using my cast-iron for this because of the water...hmmm...I'll have to do some more research there. I don't want rust.
8. Uncover, start stirring every 30 seconds or so for 8 minutes. Go ahead and spice it up during this phase. During this process I tasted the dish a couple times. I actually envisioned Gordon Ramsey coming into my kitchen and starting to swear at me with a British accent. Seriously, if I learned anything from watching all of his cooking shows, taste your food. A lot.
Stir it up, flip it, flop it, mix it =)!
9. Enjoy! Yes, this is a's important! Smile. You just cooked something delicious, nifty, and healthy.
The end result - Cauliflower "rice".
It went wonderfully with some fruit (the last of the frozen stuff in my freezer), some chicken (check out my post on lemon-rosemary-garlic chicken), and the tiny pile of frozen butternut squash also lying in my freezer (now my freezer is...empty. Eep!).

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