Friday, August 8, 2014

Green Smoothie w/ Kefir, Baby Kale...

After making a post about banana bread coffee cake I figured it would balance things out to talk about green smoothies. I love a good green smoothie. You can put basically whatever you want in it. The theory is to use lots of green stuff =). It's amazing how little you can actually taste of the green stuff. Personally, I like green things. Kale, spinach, chard, celery, you name it, I like it. A lot of people don't; I get that. Throw in a banana and some coconut water, maybe some berries, and wham. You just ate a giant portion of green goodness and you won't even flinch.

For this smoothie I used:
Rainbow Chard (2-3 leaves)
Giant handful (or two) of Baby Kale
Organic Strawberries (Leave the tops on! Just wash 'em well.)
Coconut Water (about 1 cup)
Kefir (Optional...I've been making my own!)
Ice Cubes (I used about 5)

Instructions: Blend into submission.

In hindsight, I would make this smoothie a bit thicker. Maybe a little less coconut water. Maybe add a banana. In any case; It was delicious.

Get ready =).
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Questions? Suggestions? Comments? I want to hear from you!